Dear friends of America and the World !

Lovers for culture, uniqueness and beauty, with respect for the past, those of you who value for our heritage with which each of us travel to world representing who we are here in America and all around the globe, come with us and contribute to this majestic project of the American-Romania community in western part of of New Jersey, just 50 miles away from the NYC metro area, a picturesque and marvel of wooden craft, The Maramures style wooden church:

biserica trifold.png





Now just a project, tomorrow a reality !

Come build with us another human marvel !




The beauty and the uniqueness of the north-western region of Romania, called "Maramureş”/ shown in blue is well known in Europe. Surrounded by mountains, the region remained to some extend isolated from modern influences, preserving the local village architecture, crafts and traditions learnt and passed on from generation to generation.Local folklore and past heritage sets you back centuries ago when the manual work, and woodcraft in particular, was the only way to build. Wood constructions with specific architecture have developed in this region. Houses and churches were erected in a way in which even today some of these wooden buildings are still standing and integrate nicely with the picturesque landscape. Since 2007, Romania is now part of European Union, exhibiting a fast-grown economy and a great contributor to the culture and ethnography of Europe.



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